Israel: A Nation Is Born

The educational edition of "Israel: A Nation Is Born", the acclaimed five-part documentary series, narrated by Israel's famous statesman Abba Eban, chronicles the dramatic events leading to the creation of the State of Israel and its continuous struggle to survive as the only democratic society in the Middle East.

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The Educational edition based upon the original 1992 London broadcast, a co-production with channel 4, brings you into today's news because modern Israel stands at the center of many of the great events that affect our daily lives and our history. Today's centrality of Israel in the lives of the Jewish people, world over, is illuminated by our ability to enliven the story through the sophisticated use of the electronic media. Now the viewer can experience the drama of our modern history as an eye witness to events long past, yet recorded in moving pictures and authentic sound. Interviews with world leaders help understand the political struggles which dominated the events leading to the declaration of independence of the Jewish State. The viewers will be riveted to the screens when listening to Dr. Chaim Weizmann the old Zionist leader pleading with the British government to materialize their promise of creating a Jewish home-land in Palestine.

The late Prime minister, General Yitzhak Rabin, reveals in an exclusive interview about the tough defense of Jewish Jerusalem in 1948 and the formidable Israeli defense forces tough during the six day war. Many Jewish and Arab witnesses have been interviewed and the personal stories add to the understanding of the Israeli diverse society its culture and most importantly, its people.

The Educational edition is narrated by Abba Eban, Israel's first Ambassador to the United Nations. Eban represented Israel in the US, and in the United Nations during Israel's fight for recognition and its struggle for survival. He has been highly praised for his articulate and passionate use of the English language in the service of his country. Based on his intimate knowledge and experience, Eban introduces the viewers of this series to the great world leaders of yesteryears, takes us into high level diplomatic meetings and events that have forged the history of Israel in our time.

A companion Instructional Guide fills in the background, organizes the video series by topics, and supports a deeper understanding of the people, places and events mentioned in this vital series. Reading through the Chronology, Overview, People, Places and Terms and Speech Excerpts sections is like reading a comprehensive history compendium in itself. Combined with the videos, these sections will deepen the viewers understanding and enjoyment. This companion Instructional Guide is also useful for research, themes, reports and school assignments. It augments the film and DVD history with clear, easy to understand with support materials and glossaries. A find for teacher and student alike.

Welcome to an exciting journey through the founding, wars, tragedies and triumphs of Israel: A Nation is Born.