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Our Heritage, Inc. is a 501(3) (c) not-for-profit corporation, whose mission is to bring historical television programs to the general public as well as educational materials to teachers and students in public and parochial schools across America. Our Heritage, Inc. is the corporate continuation of various not-for-profit entities dedicated to the production of historical documentary films, video and digital media involving our age-old heritage.

Our Heritage, Inc. dedicates itself to the creation of new historical documentary films, depicting the history and development of the many Jewish communities throughout the United States and the world. Its aim is to celebrate and educate all viewers about the great contributions made by Jews throughout history in the fields of law, arts and sciences, medicine, education, business and finance, entertainment, government and defense, and in countless other areas of our democratic social fabric.

Our Heritage, Inc. has also taken on the responsibility of raising funding for several media projects in progress (see "Israel: A Quest for Peace" with Valerie Harper).

To accomplish these ambitious objectives, Our Heritage, Inc. is planning to enlist the support of communities, foundations, corporations and individual donors for the purpose of raising funds to sponsor the production and distribution of these important historical documentaries. Through subsidizing these projects, sponsoring organizations will help in our mission to provide the free distribution of video cassettes and DVD to schools and other educational institutions. Our Heritage, Inc., will seek production association with broadcasting institutions but will not surrender or sell its full editorial control.

Principal: Zvi Almog

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